20 Ways Truck Drivers Can Give Back to the Community

The trucking industry is the backbone of American business. Being responsible for the transportation of everything from medical supplies to food to clothing results in the trucking industry being a staple in the U.S. economy and the lives of Americans. Truck drivers truly are key to everyday life.

Being a part of the trucking industry means you are a part of something more, and the trucker community prides itself on a strong sense of community. It’s this sense of community that makes the industry so special.

Let’s take a look at the variety of charities and outreach programs available within the trucking community, what they provide for truckers and community members, and ways you can get involved.

Outreach Programs


America’s Road Team

America’s Road Team is an outreach program that elects drivers to join their elite group of captains.

The captains of America’s Road Team travel the world and meet with the media, the public, and lawmakers to share their stories and knowledge about life on the road.

Call on Washington

Call on Washington is the American Trucking Association’s grassroots program that provides truck drivers an opportunity to meet with congressional leaders.

Those who participate have the opportunity to discuss legislation and regulations that affect the trucking industry directly. If you are interested in participating in this program, reach out to the ATA office on Capitol Hill.

Healthy Fleet

Healthy Fleet is a fun and interactive program within the trucking industry that is designed to increase wellness and promote a healthy lifestyle for truck drivers.

In an attempt to lower the rate of obesity and boost the life expectancy of truck drivers, this program offers a variety of challenges available to members that instill a sense of fun, competition, and camaraderie all the while promoting healthy living.

Hiring Our Heroes

Hiring our Heroes’ main focus is to hire veterans in need of jobs. The American Trucking Association has teamed up with this program, originally created by the Chamber of Commerce, to make a commitment of hiring 100,000 veterans.

If you’re a veteran, visit the Hiring Our Heroes site to learn how you can connect with employers in the trucking industry.

Inside ATA

ATA represents the trucking industry throughout the country. Their duties include meeting with lawmakers to discuss policies and educating the general public about highway safety.

Be sure to head to their site to view various newsletters on the progress they have achieved so far.

Lead ATA

Lead ATA is a selective program designed to educate incoming leaders within the trucking industry. This one-year program offers four classes that are designed to teach individuals how to utilize industry tools to better themselves and the companies they work for.

In this program, participants develop a network with executives, enhance their management and leadership skills, and learn more about how ATA represents them in everyday scenarios.


National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, typically held in September, is a week dedicated to professional truck drivers. Drivers are recognized for their hard work and ability to maintain safety along our highways while ensuring the timely delivery of supplies and goods.


To encourage safe driving habits, the ATA hosts a yearly National Truck Driving Championship, also known as the “Super Bowl of Safety.”

The NTDC welcomes professional truck drivers to demonstrate their skills all while promoting safe driving. Considered to be one of the industry’s largest and most effective safety programs, the NTDC inspires drivers to operate accident-free for the right to compete. To see if you are eligible for the next championship, visit the NTDC’s page.

Share the Road

Share the Road is a highway safety program by the ATA. This program is overseen by drivers who have earned over one million accident-free miles.

Share the Road presents lectures, simulations, and hands-on learning opportunities to teach the public about highway safety.

Additionally, it provides a variety of tips on highway safety through a number of platforms such as television, radio, print, and the web.


TMCSuperTech, or the Technology and Maintenance Council’s Technician Skills Competition, is a two-day event that centers around skill competitions for commercial vehicle technicians.

The competition involves a three-part written exam on day one, as well as several hands-on competitions. Those who make the cut after day one advance on to more interactive competitions. The program ends with an awards banquet and a technician training fair.

Top Rookie

Trucking’s Top Rookie is a yearly contest that identifies the best truck driver who has been on the job for less than one year, based on several criteria.

Ten finalists are named with one overall winner. The ten finalists receive a variety of prizes like a new GPS, a rewards card for Pilot Flying J, and so much more!

Troops Direct

Troops Direct is a nonprofit organization supported by many in the trucking community that sends supplies to troops on the front lines when they need them. For the 150,000 Americans deployed, the organization can provide their services anywhere in just one hour. To contribute to their efforts, visit their site.

Trucking Moves America Forward

Trucking Moves America Forward is centered around showcasing the trucking industry in a positive light to lawmakers and the general public to help promote industry awareness and industry goals.

If you have a story you want to share or want to contribute in any way, be sure to visit their site.

Trucks Drive a Cleaner Tomorrow

ATA is dedicated to implementing greener initiatives for the trucking industry that will help the environment. The Trucks Drive a Cleaner Tomorrow site provides sustainability tips, recommendations, and more.




St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund

The St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund is dedicated to raising money for employees of the trucking industry who suffer from health problems and may not be able to pay bills and other medical expenses.

Trucker Charity

The main purpose of Trucker Charity is to provide emergency shelter and food for truck drivers who find themselves in unexpected situations.

They also provide educational services, life coaching, and mentoring to truck drivers.

Meals for 18 Wheels

Meals for 18 Wheels provides hot meals for truckers on the road at all times of the year, but especially around holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Truckers Final Mile

Truckers Final Mile reunites truck drivers and their families by providing lodging and transportation in times of need, such as in the event of death, debilitating injury, or serious illness.

Operation Roger

Operation Roger is a trucker-run charity with the mission of reuniting truckers with their pets that may show up in shelters, on streets, or elsewhere.

Truckload of Respect

Truckload of Respect allows truck drivers to pay their respects to lost veterans by delivering wreaths to national veterans’ cemeteries throughout the month of December.