Alex Frye Receives Prestigious Pike's Peak Award

In the world of corporate training and development, one woman has brought innovation and inspiration to team CPG. Meet Alex Frye, the head of the Process and Training (P&T) team at ContainerPort Group, and recent winner of The Bob Pike Group’s prestigious Pike's Peak Award. This award recognizes learning leaders for implementing participant-centered training that impacts performance positively, and Alex and her team are leading the way. Alex and her team were also the subject of a Case Study by The Bob Pike Group that showed how participant-centered training methods can translate into revenue generating solutions.

 A Natural Leader and Educator

Alex has always naturally gravitated to servant leadership roles, whether as a teacher, camp counselor, coach/trainer, or program leader.Alex Frye Photo With over 12 years of teaching high school English, journalism, and yearbook, as well as serving on technology, curriculum, and learning theory committees, her background is rich in educational theory and curriculum design. Alex transitioned from a teaching career in 2017 to help with her family's trucking business, where she naturally gravitated toward process enhancement and employee training.

The Genesis of a New Training Program

When Alex's family business, FSI, sold in a merger and acquisition to CPG in 2020, Alex saw an opportunity. She pitched the idea of a comprehensive training program focused on full-circle role development, as she recognized the interconnected nature of employee development. She joined forces with the World Group HR team, led by Kelly Pettry and served as the manager of Training and Development. Alex has been pivotal in setting up Learning Management Systems, World Group University programs, employee onboarding, and manager training schemes. However, after working on the HR team for a year, she noticed a significant gap in role-based training within the business and met with leadership to address this critical need. As such, CPG's Process & Training team was born.

Alex, with her team, envisions a CPG where people are eager to learn, grow, and contribute meaningfully to their careers. To facilitate this, they focus on micro-learning opportunities, carefully designed to be accessible for busy trucking employees. The content is not just about ticking off a training checklist; it’s about understanding the bigger picture. “It’s not just about how to do your job,” Alex explains, “but why it matters in the full circle of the supply chain. Our training focuses on a strategic full-circle concept.”

A Team-Centric Triumph

P and T Team 2Winning the Pike's Peak Award isn’t just a feather in Alex’s cap; she sees it as a celebration of her entire team's passion and hard work. The P&T team, including managers Jenn Morris and Amanda Fugate, and business trainers Collin Behm, Anabell Fedorko, Marcella Stanton, and Traveis Cunningham, are experts in their respective fields. They collaborate extensively with other departments to streamline and document processes and ensure that everyone is on the same page. From there, training is developed to focus on both the technical skills, role-based accountabilities, and role-development to support and cultivate employees in their careers. Alex believes in her team's ability to both do and teach, challenging the notion that “those who can't do, teach.”

Breaking New Ground

When Alex and her team started building CPG's role-based training, they found there were processes, but they were isolated with no single source of truth. They’ve worked tirelessly with the business teams to begin to bridge these gaps, to harmonize processes, and to provide a playbook for our trucking business — a standardized set of documents, policies, and procedures that will be followed by all (FBA). Their diligent work ties directly into big hairy audacious goals (BHAG) for outlining processes that affect other areas of the company. And this is just the beginning!

A Proud Leader

For Alex, winning the Pike’s Peak Award is both humbling and validating. She's thankful for her executive leadership’s trust and immensely proud of her team. “This award gives me a sense of fulfillment to be able use my background and formal education outside of school walls,” she reflects, “and apply it to a bigger picture in a forever changing and evolving industry.”

*Congratulations to Alex and her entire Process and Training team for their hard work, dedication, and for setting a sterling example in the world of corporate training, learning, and development.*

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