Finding the Best Route 

The world of logistics is fast-paced and oftentimes poses some unique quandaries. It's why we offer multiple solutions to our customers to deliver on our promise of nationwide capacity at every port and every rail. Our success oftentimes hinges on trusted relationships we have built with numerous carriers.

Our CPG Logistics division works closely with many carriers to find solutions to get goods from Point A to Point B. Dustin Crick, Carrier Sales & Pricing Manager in Memphis, talked us through a recent example.

"Our job is to find a way. Maybe the load is oversized, maybe we don't have a terminal in the area. Whatever it is, it's our job to find a solution. And many times, it involves the help of a trusted carrier. Case in point: we recently had a CPG customer that had a load of nine containers on customer-owned chassis in Richmond, Virginia. The export was scheduled to go through Norfolk but fell through and the booking re-routed to Tacoma. Our team found a carrier that would take the containers to Tacoma - across the country - and then drive the chassis back to Richmond. We made all nine of those moves happen within a week."

Our Carriers, Our Partners

CPG awarded ten of these trusted partners with Carrier of the Year awards. The carriers chosen were nominated by our Logistics division based on their level of service, timeliness of communication, and overall partnership that they provide CPG. We hope that providing an award to those who help us service our customers is a way to show that they are a core part of what we do and that we value our relationship. Many brokerages treat carriers as commodities, we aim to treat them as valued partners. Without them, we wouldn't be able to deliver on our promise to customers. 

Congratulations to our Carriers of the Year!

  • Best Transportation - NY/NJ
  • Skyline Express - NY/NJ
  • Sparc Transport - Chicago
  • Maritime Delivery Services - Chicago
  • Middle Bay Transportation - West Memphis
  • Evans Delivery - Savannah
  • All Points Transport - Savannah
  • Haven Intermodal - Houston
  • Timco Logistics - Houston
  • Mid Lane Carrier - LA/LB


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