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CPG® introduces new Transportation Rate Tool (TRT) so customers can get instant rates

Business is booming these days, but sometimes that means a longer wait to get on the road and get moving. At CPG® we know how frustrating it is to stop, send an email to get a rate, and then wait for a response. Our Pricing team is fast, but sometimes you need answers without delay. We get it! It's part of the reason we introduced our custom Transportation Rating Tool, or TRT for short. Our pricing tool allows you to access real-time quotes: no more waiting! You can get real-time rates for over 1 million drayage lanes that CPG® drives, saving your business valuable time. It's simple: pick the origin terminal from CPG's network and enter the destination - a rate will appear nearly instantly. Since its inception on March 1st, we have nearly 600 customers using the platform!

Real-time data, right now

Real-time pricing puts you in the driver's seat and lets you make the best decision for your business. It helps you accurately and efficiently plan ahead, so you can react quickly as the business demands. Users are also able to download a pdf of their quote to send along with their work order to ensure billing accuracy. And, as always, if you ever want another set of eyes, our pricing team is ready to help and just a phone call away!


Getting to know TRT

We caught up with Director of Business Analytics Jason Wood to learn more about the new Transportation Rating Tool. "Customers now have their own unique login and can see a full repository of all previous quotes we've issued for them. The tool helps us as well because if we need to confirm something, we can look it up in the TRT to see when and what amount was issued," he said, "This helps avoid confusion and issues because everyone is in the same system, and therefore on the same page." In addition, the TRT has some new, user-friendly features to improve the experience when using the tool. "In the old tool, users would sometimes get errors if they misspelled a city name. Now, the TRT is tied to Google which will auto-fill the city names, so that is no longer a problem and just one more way we've made the TRT more user-friendly"
TRT Quote-1

What's Next

As we continue to enhance our pricing tool, users can look forward to additional features like complete quotes including accessorials, tracking rates, real-time updates, and more. It's a one-stop-shop to price anything that requires wheels! It's just one more way we are trying to keep your business rolling. 

New to TRT?

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