Family, Food, and Christmas Miracles.

We all know 2020 has been crazy. For Bob Marcelli, of Marcelli Formaggi, LLC, an importer of Italian food, it got crazier when his broker of 14 years completely disappeared when he needed him most.

Bob had a container full of food, just waiting to be shipped to the homes of hungry consumers in time for Christmas. Only he didn't have any way to pick it up and get it to his distribution center.

"I've used him for 14 years, and he really dropped the ball," says Bob. "Two days before we start getting charged, he says he can't find his regular trucker"

Enter ContainerPort Group. And the 'family' part of the business. 

Sergio LaGrasta is an Equipment Operator at the Newark terminal, and his girlfriend works with Bob. When she caught wind of Bob's issue, she got him in contact with CPG Newark Terminal Manager Andrew Pearlman.

"It was a Hail Mary," says Andrew. "Nine times out of ten, we'd say as much as we'd like to help, we can't. Since he came to us through some family connections, we pulled some strings to see what we could do." 

Georgia Fabiani, the Customer Service Supervisor in Newark, took it from there. And that's when the real work started. 

"We were unable to get an appointment at the port, the day before this container was going to fall into demurrage," say Georgia Fabiani, the Customer Service Supervisor in Newark. "Not to mention, there is no equipment out there." 

Georgia took the lead, and worked through several obstacles to save Bob's container. And as she said, "This is where the beauty of building relationships comes in." 

After removing the original assigned carrier that the broker did not remove from the container, Georgia worked through her contacts at APM Terminal Port Elizabeth. Thanks to her persistence, and the time she has invested in building up the relationships, she was able to secure a delivery on a Friday. 

To make sure CPG could deliver accurately, Georgia worked seamlessly with the data and collections team to ensure the customer's information and details were captured. And as of Wednesday, December 16, Bob Marcelli's container of Italian imports is unloaded, and the delicious goodies that lay within are on their way - just in time for Christmas.

Bob's praise was overwhelming on the phone.

"They were really remarkable. You can say that's what your job is, but when people go above and beyond and take a personal interest, and come through, it's a really  remarkable thing."

A Christmas miracle? For Bob, it was. For CPG, just another day at the office.

 "What I love about my job and this industry is making the impossible happen," said Georgia. "I told Bob before we hung up one of my mottos in life - 'kindness matters and life is an echo, you get what you give and you give what you get.'"

And what did CPG get out of this exchange? A very happy customer.

Georgia continued: "I quote directly from Bob’s text to me - 'And you wonder why I’m so excited to meet all of you? Moving forward we’ll use you for all of our container loads. We’re very small, but nice. Family business with all 5 of us working.'"

Welcome to the family, Bob. 

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