Charleston, on Charleston.

If calling the CPG terminal in Charleston, when the phone is answered, you may get this response: "Thank you for calling, this is Charleston."

"Yeah, I know this is the Charleston office, who am I speaking to?"

"… my name is Charleston."

Confused? You're not alone.

"People get confused a lot," says Charleston Missel, Operations Manager for CPG in Charleston. "When I was younger, I used to have to pull out my ID and prove to people that was my name."

Missel is, perhaps not shockingly, a native of South Carolina. The story of how he got his name is a story of location, location, location.

"My entire family is from Charleston - everyone lives there," he explains. "But I was born when the family was living in Greenville. My parents wanted something different, and I guess they were homesick."

Charleston started in the transportation industry directly out of college. (His alma mater? College of Charleston, naturally.) Thanks to his father's time working in trucking, he had some connections, and has stayed a part of trucking and logistics ever since. He started with FSI nearly two years ago, and with the recent acquisition of the company, is now part of ContainerPort Group.

While his name catches some attention, his work ethic and dedication to his role should really turn heads.

"I'm very easy going, but I take what we do seriously, and I take pride in the job," he says. "This office was a seven truck terminal in February of 2019, and we're at 40 trucks. Now that we're combined with the CPG office, it's going to be a very large terminal."

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