Top 10 Winter Weather Driving Tips for Owner-Operators

It's that time of year. Slush, ice, snow, wind . . .it's no secret that the weather has certainly been treacherous in many parts of the country. Driving a big rig in this weather comes with a lot of responsibility and we know our owner-operators don't always get snow days. According to American Trucker magazine at least 23% of vehicle crashes are caused by inclement weather. Yikes!

We put these top 10 tips together to help you keep it safe out there. 

👉 Check weather reports before hitting the road - it's always best to be as prepared as possible.

👉 Keep your vehicle inspected and fluid levels topped off. Make sure your fuel system is winterized

👉 Keep those windshields, mirrors, and lights clean and free of ice and snow.  

👉 Have a back-up phone charger - trust us, you'll thank us when your go-to charger quits working.

👉 Have snacks, water, and warm clothes on hand in case of emergencies. 

👉 Keep a shovel and cat litter handy for when you need to dig out and need extra traction.

👉 Slow down and stay alert. Even the most seasoned driver can get in accidents. 

👉 Allow extra stopping distance between you and other vehicles. 

👉 Keep an eye out for those light-colored cars that match the snow and don't have their lights on.

👉 BUCKLE UP - IT'S THE LAW! Did you know that buckling up is the #1 thing you can do to protect yourself in a crash? 

Finally, if the weather is really bad, please communicate to your terminal manager and don't be afraid to park it and stay off the roads. We want to make sure we are always putting SAFETY FIRST

Once again, thanks for all you do and stay safe out there on the roads.

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