Outdoor Storage Idea: Try Used Shipping Containers for Sale.

With the increase in availability, more people around the globe are turning toward used shipping containers to meet their backyard and outdoor storage needs.

In comparison to traditional outdoor storage methods, such as wooden sheds, shipping containers offer benefits that outweigh alternatives. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits.


When considering outdoor storage options, the overall cost is a major factor to take into consideration.

  • The upfront price and the expected costs for maintenance and upkeep could be quite significant for traditional storage options.
  • The average cost per square foot of shipping containers is much cheaper than that of options like wooden sheds purchased at large outdoor stores.

With used shipping containers for sale, you get more for your money. Shipping containers are constructed with durable materials that can keep long-term upkeep costs low. This is in comparison to traditional options, which will require frequent maintenance and upkeep.

The Quality of Containers

Shipping containers have a variety of features that make their overall quality superior to that of alternatives. These features are what ensure that the consumer gets more for their money.

Weathering Steel

Weathering steel, also known as corten steel, is used in the majority of shipping containers.

  • This specific type of steel is more resistant to outdoor corrosion that can commonly occur with traditional outdoor storage options.
  • Along with its durable properties, this steel is also known for its strength, especially when under extreme tension. An average shipping container can withstand the weight of six containers stacked on top of it.

The strength of shipping containers is ideal for anyone looking to store heavy-duty lawn equipment such as mowers and other tools.

Industrial Paint

A majority of shipping containers are coated with high-quality industrial paint.

  • This paint serves its main purpose of providing another layer of resistance to corrosion, supplementing the weathering steel.
  • Since the paint covers the shipping containers on all sides, the bottom is painted as well. Painting the bottom of these containers helps prevent rot from occurring, which is a common problem with traditional storage options.

Container Door Durability

Shipping containers are equipped with a gasket around the perimeter.

  • This gasket is intended to provide a seal from weather conditions and animals to protect the materials inside.
  • Animals like mice love to crawl into tiny spaces looking for food or shelter, especially in outdoor storage units like sheds. In fact, it has been proven that mice are able to crawl through a hole that is roughly 1/4 of an inch in diameter.

The possibility of intruding animals and weather damage is nonexistent with shipping containers due to these gasket seals.

More Space for Your Dollar

Containers offer more interior height and width than the average wooden shed. With this abundance of space, the consumer can store several types of equipment, even those of significant size.

For example, cars, industrial mowers, and other heavy-duty outdoor equipment can all be stored in one place, keeping them safe and protected all year round.


With the strength of the weathering steel mentioned above, the security provided to your stored items is far greater than that of traditional storage units.

For example, if you were to store your motorcycle in a storage container it would require the use of heavy-duty power tools to even attempt to break into the unit.

With traditional storage units like wooden sheds, however, the use of a hammer or crowbar would allow an intruder access within seconds.

Want to Find Out More?

The idea of utilizing a used shipping container for diverse purposes is generally new to consumers. Shipping containers are being used to create outdoor living spaces, offices, and personal retreats.

Due to increased availability and the variety of benefits they offer, it’s no surprise that shipping containers have become increasingly popular in comparison to traditional storage units. To learn more about the benefits and uses of shipping containers, be sure to check out our helpful blog post.

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