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Utilizing shipping containers for commercial, industrial and residential projects is familiar territory for us. We’ve had the opportunity to work on a lot of innovative projects, and we’ve seen ...

Shipping containers as innovative solutions in the fight against COVID-19

History of D.I.Y Homes and Tiny Houses

The Rise of Tiny Houses: Would You Turn a Shipping Container into a Home?

Space Saving Ideas for your Tiny Container Home

Space Saving Ideas for Your Tiny Container Home

With the increase in availability, more people around the globe are turning toward used shipping containers to meet their backyard and outdoor storage needs.

Outdoor Storage Idea: Try Used Shipping Containers for Sale.

We’re written previously about a number of fascinating alternative uses for shipping containers that individuals and companies around the world have begun to adopt. It’s really not surprising that ...

The Environmental Benefits of Shipping Container Homes

As leaders within the field of domestic container transport, our team here at ContainerPort Group continually works hard to make new strides in the industry. One of our values as a company revolves ...

Q&A with Jordan Hunt, VP, About Our New Container-Modified Offices