Q&A with Jordan Hunt, VP, About Our New Container-Modified Offices

As leaders within the field of domestic container transport, our team here at ContainerPort Group continually works hard to make new strides in the industry. One of our values as a company revolves around growth and innovation, and calls for seeking new opportunities.

One example of these new opportunities is the recent development of our container-modified offices. These offices (which were initially used in Indianapolis and have now expanded to multiple locations) are developed from our shipping containers and converted into fully-functional spaces that include doors, bathrooms, windows and more.

To learn even more about these new types of offices, we interviewed Jordan Hunt, VP of Container Yard Services, who told us about the process of modifying these containers, where he sees the trend of tiny living going, and more:


What was the reasoning behind building a container-modified office for ContainerPort Group’s Indianapolis location? Are there any key benefits compared to your usual offices?

As we look to expand our growth in the container modification arena, we felt having these custom offices on-site would be great built-in advertising. Some of the benefits to these offices include having full customization options for spaces to meet our business needs/staffing size and lower cost versus purchasing or leasing customer modular offices. Lastly, the Indy office we built will provide a 14-month ROI.


What was the process of converting a container into an office like? About how long did it take, and what were some of the most challenging aspects?

It’s really a neat experience, taking this bare steel structure and turning it into your vision. With the right preparation, and the right size crew, each office has taken us about eight business days to complete from start to finish.

The most challenging aspect probably comes in working with the outside vendors (plumbers, electric companies) to install the utilities. Most companies are not yet completely familiar with these buildings and therefore struggle to initially understand what is needed.


Do you think the creation of container-modified offices will expand to any of your company’s other locations? If so, which ones?

We now have container offices in Indy and in Cleveland on E. 131st. We currently have plans to build modified container spaces for our drivers to have their own space within our yards (sitting areas, restrooms, refrigerators, etc.).


If a customer had similar goals and wanted to convert a container into a functional space, what advice would you give him or her during this process? What kind of mods might you recommend for them? What services does ContainerPort Group currently offer for container modification?

Plan, plan, plan. The space is tight so you need to carefully plan out and design the space. CPG offers full container modification – everything from simple mods like doors and windows to full customer homes, offices, man caves and hunting cabins.


Shipping containers have been a trendy asset for necessities such as tiny living spaces and offices. Do you see this trend continuing or moving into a different direction at all?

Based on cost and the current trend to downsize I see it remaining an attractive option. However, state and local governments are starting to put roadblocks in place which could change the landscape of this market.


What’s next for ContainerPort Group’s Indianapolis location? Are there any other developments expected to occur this year?

We have a significant yard reorganization planned to make the facility more efficient and ultimately more driver friendly.

Is Your Company Interested in Modified Container Offices? 

As Jordan mentioned above, ContainerPort Group offers full container modification services, in addition to having Containers For Sale. Converting a container into a functional, spacious office area is possible and advantageous – take it from us!

If you’d like more information about our container offices or container homes for sale would like to know more about pricing, please Request a Quote.